As a Military service member, you’re entitled to many financial benefits that can be delivered as either government or private-company benefits. These can include significant discounts such as insurance on FR44 insurance.

What kinds of benefits are available to Military?

The most prevalent type of insurance benefits program is FR44 insurance. These discounts are offered by Select Insurance Group to support active and retired military personnel. The key is to understand what FR44 Insurance is and carefully compare the best rates among providers. Select Insurance Group can help you with this and is licensed across the nation so we can serve your insurance needs no matter where you’re stationed.

What limits are service members required to carry?

Service members are obligated to carry 50/100/40 limits in Virginia and 100/300/50 limits in Florida. Once Select Insurance Group helps you to determine the necessary amount of coverage you require, then we will carefully research discount programs to help you find the best rates. Whether active duty, retired, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves, qualified military customers can be eligible for up to a 15 percent discount on their total premium. In addition, Select Insurance Group offers discounts to military-related organizations and provides expanded Emergency Deployment Discounts for personnel who deploy to combat zones. Quotes are available by calling (855) 438-7353 or by filling out our FREE FR44 QUOTE FORM ONLINE!