Mouth Alcoholcan falsely lead to high BAC Result

Mouth Alcohol can falsely lead to high BAC Result – Before and officer can give you a DUI breath test, an officer (in most states) must continuously observe you for 15 minutes.  This is to make sure that during this time, you do not put anything containing alcohol into your mouth, including:


  1. Drinks.
  2. Medicines (cough syrup)
  3. Mouth spray or Mouthwash

The officer monitoring you must also make sure that you do not belch or regurgitate.  Doing any of these things could bring alcohol from your stomach into your mouth.

In most states, the accuracy of DUI breath testing equipment relies on the measurement of “deep lung air.” But what you blow into a breath testing device like a breathalyzer, there is alcohol in the mouth; it mixes with the air from the lungs.  Likewise, this can cause your blood alcohol content (BAC) to register falsely high.