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Getting affordable auto insurance is frustrating enough without a high-risk history. If you have multiple incidents, a poor driving record, or a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI), it can seem downright impossible. Fortunately, Select Insurance Group can help. We specialize in high-risk auto insurance, including SR 22 insurance, and strive to make the process as simple as possible for clients across the U.S. You can also turn to Select Insurance Group for your home, motorcycle, and renters policies.  The most common reason for needing SR 22 insurance is if a driver has been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, other reasons for needing SR 22 insurance may include driving without insurance, reckless driving, or being involved in an at-fault accident while uninsured.

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When you partner with Select Insurance Group, you’re getting support from an experienced, knowledgeable team. We can help you:

  • Find affordable prices with top-rated insurance carriers and low down payments.
  • Get a license reinstated.
  • Stay compliant with state requirements.
  • Make sense of technical terminology and a complex process.
  • Enjoy flexible appointment schedules and responsive communications.
  • Get ignition interlock systems at discounted rates.
  • Take advantage of state diversion and relief programs.

At Select Insurance Group, we believe everyone should have access to affordable insurance regardless of their situation. We can help you get back to living your life with coverage that fits your needs.

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SR 22 Insurance

Have you been told you need to show proof of financial responsibility with SR 22 insurance? We can help. As a trusted SR 22 insurance agency, Select Insurance Group can gather SR 22 insurance quotes and help you get all the necessary forms for compliance.

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Non-Owner SR 22 Insurance

An SR 22 insurance requirement often still applies to drivers who don’t own a car. We’ll help you find a non-owner SR 22 policy that covers you in vehicles that aren’t yours. These policies typically include liability, medical payment, and uninsured motorist coverages, but won’t cover physical damage or towing and rental reimbursement.

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FR-44 Insurance

Many Florida and Virginia residents who have been convicted of a DUI need special liability limits covered in FR-44 insurance. Our services include assistance with the owner and non-owner FR-44 insurance policies.

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DUI Insurance

After a DUI, we’ll help you get back on track with insurance solutions that address your unique situation. Between getting affordable SR 22 insurance quotes, understanding your coverage requirements, and getting an SR 22 issued, our high-risk auto experts have you covered.

Service Areas

Every state is different, so it can be tough to figure out what you need based on your location. We operate in almost every state, covering most of the U.S. with the exceptions of Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and the District of Columbia. We understand the ins and outs of these states’ requirements and can help you navigate your insurance needs in almost every part of the country. We also offer a range of in-depth online resources on individual state SR 22 requirements.

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Our team is dedicated to helping you get the coverage you need without breaking the bank. With an experienced staff and partnerships with many SR 22 insurance companies, we make the process simple so you can rest easy with reliable coverage at affordable rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need SR 22 Insurance?2023-02-17T03:36:20-06:00

SR 22 insurance is a type of car insurance that is required in some states in the United States. You may be required to get SR 22 insurance for a few different reasons, but typically it is because you have been convicted of a DUI or other serious traffic violation, such as driving without insurance or causing an accident while uninsured.
The purpose of SR 22 insurance is to prove to the state that you have the required amount of liability insurance coverage. The SR 22 form is filed by your insurance company with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or equivalent agency, and it verifies that you have the minimum amount of insurance coverage required by law in your state.
The length of time you need SR 22 insurance can vary, but typically it is required for at least three years. If you are required to have SR 22 insurance, it is important to maintain it for the entire time that it is required. If you cancel your policy or let it lapse, the DMV will be notified and your license could be suspended.
It’s important to note that not all insurance companies offer SR 22 insurance, so you may need to shop around to find a company that does. Additionally, because SR 22 insurance is typically required due to a serious traffic violation, it may be more expensive than regular car insurance.

What Is an SR 22 Document?2023-02-17T03:37:02-06:00

An SR 22 is a form that’s filed with your state to prove that you have car insurance meeting the minimum coverages required by law.

What Is SR in Insurance?2023-02-17T03:44:30-06:00

SR 22 (the “SR” stands for “safety responsibility”) is a document that verifies that someone has automobile insurance. The SR22 is prepared by an insurance company and then filed (by the insurance company) with the department of motor vehicles (DMV).

How do I get around my SR-22?2023-02-17T03:46:00-06:00

Getting around an SR 22 requirement is not advisable, as it is a legal requirement in many states and not complying with the requirement could result in serious consequences. If you were required to obtain an SR 22 certificate, it is typically because you have been convicted of a serious traffic violation, such as a DUI or driving without insurance, and failing to comply with the requirement could result in further legal and financial penalties.

Instead of trying to get around the requirement, it is recommended that you focus on fulfilling your legal obligation to maintain the SR 22 certificate for the required period of time. You can do this by contacting an insurance provider that offers SR 22 insurance and purchasing the required amount of liability coverage. Your insurance company will then file the SR 22 certificate with the appropriate state agency, which will confirm that you are meeting the state’s insurance requirements.

While it may be more expensive to obtain SR 22 insurance, it is important to keep in mind that not complying with the requirement could result in more severe financial and legal penalties, including fines, license suspension, and even jail time. Therefore, it is important to take the requirement seriously and fulfill it for the entire period that it is required.

How long do I need to have SR 22 insurance?2023-02-28T07:31:38-06:00

The length of time you need to have an SR 22 insurance policy varies depending on the state and the offense. It can range from a few months to several years.

How do I get an SR 22 insurance policy?2023-02-28T07:32:31-06:00

You can get an SR 22 insurance policy from most insurance providers. You will need to contact an insurance agent or company and let them know that you need an SR 22 filing. They will provide you with the policy and file the necessary paperwork with the state on your behalf.

Is SR 22 insurance more expensive than regular car insurance?2023-02-28T07:32:52-06:00

Yes, SR 22 insurance is typically more expensive than regular car insurance because it is considered high-risk coverage. However, the exact cost will vary depending on your driving history, location, and other factors.

Can I cancel my SR 22 insurance policy once it’s no longer required?2023-02-28T07:33:09-06:00

Yes, you can cancel your SR 22 insurance policy once it is no longer required by the state. However, it’s important to make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements of your offense and that your license has been fully reinstated before canceling your policy.

What happens if I don’t have SR 22 insurance when I’m required to?2023-02-28T07:33:27-06:00

If you are required to have an SR 22 insurance policy and you don’t have one, your driver’s license may be suspended or revoked. You may also face fines or other penalties.

How long does it take to get an SR 22 insurance policy?2023-02-28T07:33:47-06:00

The process of obtaining an SR 22 insurance policy can vary depending on the insurance provider and the state. In some cases, you may be able to get coverage the same day you request it. In other cases, it may take several days to process the paperwork and get coverage in place.

Can I get an SR 22 insurance policy if I don’t own a car?2023-02-28T07:34:11-06:00

Yes, you can get an SR 22 insurance policy even if you don’t own a car. You will need to obtain a non-owner SR 22 policy, which provides liability coverage for drivers who don’t own a car but still need to maintain insurance coverage.

Why is SR 22 insurance required?2023-02-28T07:34:28-06:00

SR 22 insurance is required as a way to ensure that high-risk drivers have insurance coverage in place, as these drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents and cause financial harm to others.

Will SR 22 insurance affect my credit score?2023-02-28T07:34:45-06:00

No, SR 22 insurance should not affect your credit score, as it is not a type of credit or loan.

Can I get SR 22 insurance if I have a suspended license?2023-02-28T07:35:01-06:00

It depends on the reason for your license suspension. Some insurance providers may still offer SR 22 insurance to drivers with suspended licenses, but it is not always guaranteed.

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