Select Insurance Group offers the ambitious entrepreneur the opportunity to earn life-changing income, often $300,000 or more during his/her first year. That’s right, we didn’t accidentally include an extra “0” – that’s 300k!

If you can envision yourself earning this kind of income and enjoying the lifestyle it can provide you and your family, then you owe it to yourself to contact us about our Select Franchise Opportunity. Career opportunities/partners are limited by state and only available to motivated, career-oriented men and women alike. If you are already a licensed property & casualty insurance agent and have been struggling with how to make a living selling insurance, Select Insurance Group has a sales platform you need to see! As a Select Insurance Group Franchise Agency Partner, you’ll receive:

  1. Top commissions
  2. Exclusive contracts
  3. Monthly sales contests
  4. Annual sales trips
  5. Exclusive lead-generating platforms
  6. Automated sales systems and onsite training to maximize the agents’ earning potential
  7. And much more!

We have a proven, rapid-fire lead generation system that will have your phone ringing off the hook, email overflowing, allowing you to the opportunity to work with more customers faster and sell more insurance to those customers right over the phone. No more overtime on the weekends and evenings driving around spending money on gas and time away from your office/family – customers contact you!

If our opportunity sounds like something you’d be interested in, please click here to see our opportunity brochure or fill out our opportunity application below.