Arizona Non Owner SR22 Insurance

Arizona Non Owner SR22 Insurance – The state of Arizona does have many companies that provide non-owner SR22 insurance if you need to file the form without a car. Simply put it is an auto insurance policy that you get through most companies in AZ but the policy is designed for only liability protection because there is not a specific car to insure. For this reason it can be cheaper and more affordable for someone to not have a car while they are trying to reinstate their license.

If you were convicted of reckless driving, involved in an injury/death related accident or driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol you need to file an SR22 form. We make is simple and quick to find cheap non-owner SR22 insurance in Arizona. Just take a few minutes to use our online comparison tool and start saving money today.

Arizona SR22 Insurance Requirements

Arizona is one state that has very low required minimum liability limits relative to other states. This doesn’t mean it is a good thing but it allows drivers to reinstate their license with only small amounts of liability protection. Even though you don’t own a car the chances are you still need to be able to drive one if the situation called for it. Having non-owner auto insurance in Arizona can be very cheap but you may not get much coverage for it.

Bodily Injury Per Person Bodily Injury Per Occurrence Property Damage
$15,000 $30,000 $10,000

Consider the minimum limits above and think about a car accident that totals the vehicle and possibly injures the other driver. In that case it is likely the value of the vehicle was over $10,000 and equally likely that the injuries will cost more than $15,000 to repair. We don’t provide advice but insurance agents do and ask them if this amount of coverage adequate for your needs.

How much is non-owner SR22 insurance in Arizona?

The good news is non-owner SR22 insurance in AZ is cheaper than full coverage auto insurance based on the same driver buying the policy. The bad news is having the SR22 insurance requirement will likely cost you more money for at least three years since you will be surcharged for the license suspension causing the need to file an SR-22. We can help you find non-owner SR22 insurance in Arizona by comparing rates from multiple companies online right now.