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Illinois Non Owner SR 22 Insurance

Illinois non owner SR 22 insurance offers evidence of liability coverage for high-risk drivers who don’t own their vehicles. When you get your license reinstated in Illinois, you must have an Illinois non owner SR 22 insurance certificate to show that you have the necessary auto insurance coverage. You need it regardless of whether you own a car or not.

If you are a high-risk driver who requires insurance, Select Insurance Group can help you find the right policy for a great price. We can help you get quotes from leading insurance providers that offer Illinois non owner SR 22 insurance and can attest that you maintain the minimum levels required under Illinois law.

Who Needs Illinois Non Owner SR 22 Insurance?

The state requires an SR 22 form for high-risk drivers. In Illinois, the definition of a high-risk driver includes people who have had their licenses revoked due to multiple violations or citations such as driving under the influence. You may also be considered a high-risk driver if you didn’t hold auto insurance at the time of a violation.

The distinction between owner and non-owner SR 22 insurance is simple. If you own a car, you can get an auto insurance policy that covers your vehicle if you get into an accident. An SR 22 will attest to that coverage. These policies will likely cost more than the ones obtained by people who don’t own cars. Non-owner policies only need to cover property and people but not the borrowed or rented vehicle.

What Are the Illinois Non-Owner SR 22 Insurance Requirements?

Every state sets minimum liability limits for driving a vehicle. Even if you don’t own your car, the minimums will be the same to protect the other driver should you get in an accident. In Illinois, the minimums for insurance liability are:

  • $15,000 for property damage.
  • $20,000 for bodily injury per person.
  • $40,000 for bodily injury per occurrence.

When you get your insurance policy meeting these minimums, your carrier will notify the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles by sending in the SR-22. The insurance company also must alert the DMV if your coverage lapses, even if you are switching policies and lack coverage for only an hour. It’s critical to ensure you always maintain your insurance coverage.

How Much Does It Cost for Illinois Non-Owner SR 22 Insurance?

The cost of non-owner SR 22 insurance in Illinois is typically low, but keep in mind that the expense comes in addition to your auto insurance rate. It is not a substitute for it. Generally, SR 22 costs around $25 per month. You can often find quotes as low as $15 per month when you use Select Insurance Group.

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*The information provided on this website has been developed by Select Insurance Group for educational and informational purposes. We do our best to ensure that this information is current and accurate, however the information might not be applicable to all situations. Coverage and rates subject to terms, conditions and availability. Policy issuance is subject to qualifications.

Will my Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance policy cover me in other states?

Most Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance policies will cover you in other states, but it is important to check with your insurance company to ensure that you are covered.

What happens if I let my Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance policy lapse?

If you let your Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance policy lapse, your driver’s license could be suspended and you may be required to pay fines.

Can I still get Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance if I have multiple DUI convictions?

Yes, you can still get Illinois non owner SR 22 Insurance if you have multiple DUI convictions, but it may be more difficult to find an insurance company that will provide coverage.