Blood Alcohol Content Level (BAC) Calculator

Blood Alcohol Content Level (BAC) Calculator – Before using our awesome tool to determine if you are good to drive back home after few drinks – it is always good to know BAC is calculated. Blood alcohol content, or BAC, is widely known as a number that defines the level of alcohol intoxication in person’s body. At low levels a person can experience some slight effects in behavior and coordination. The higher BAC – more serious effects to a body and brain functions to expect.

It is always good to know when it’s better to stop and be aware of personal BAC levels over time. That can prevent a lot of harmful consequences to yourself and other people. By using BAC calculator – you’ll be able to determine an estimated alcohol level in your blood based on your information.

How is BAC Calculated?

Everybody is different, that is why alcohol can impact in different ways. In general – we can determine 5 key factors that will determine your BAC level:

  • The number of drinks you had. It’s obvious, the more drinks you had – more alcohol in your body. One drink typically contains about 0.54 ounces of alcohol.
  • Time between drinks. If you drink quickly – then your BAC level will hit highest possible levels pretty soon. If you do more pauses between drinks – then you’ll most likely to be in control of situation.
  • Gender. Women and men are different by water containment and body fat per pound of weight. It is always good to know that alcohol does not interact with fat cells, which mean more alcohol to the rest of the women body.
  • Body weight. It’s simple. The more weight you have – more water in your organism. Less concentration of the alcohol comparable to a person that has lower weight.
  • Meal before drinks. You’ll get drunk way faster if you have empty stomach. If you had some food before, generally it will take about 2 hours to process the food and you’ll get slower absorption of alcohol

How BAC will impact your body?

Even if you had just one drink – you can be sure that your BAC level has increased. You might experience some minor changes in mood and coordination. The more drinks you have, shorter time will need for you to become impaired.

It is always good to know when to stop. If you don’t know your limits or can’t stop drinking – you will likely consume too much of alcohol that may shut down your body, can cause serious intoxication, organ damage or even death.

Another thing is that at the same BAC levels two individuals can react differently. As mentioned before every organism is different.

BAC levels explained:

.02 BAC – typically at this level person feel relaxed and experience some sort of heightening. It doesn’t matter if person was in bad mood. Positive energy will go through the body.

.05 BAC – At this point most of the people should slow down on drinks. Typically life is awesome at this level of alcohol. Body temperature starts to feel raised along with feeling relaxed. Everything is great and you don’t want this party end.

.08 BAC – It is always important to know your limits of drinking alcohol. One of the major reasons of most DUI arrests is because people think they are still good to drive. Legal limit in many states is set to .08 BAC. You should not be driving at this level as your reactions will be 10% slower, motor skills less coordinated. You might also have difficulties with standing or walking. As a result such driver can become very dangerous on a road for himself and other innocent people

.10 BAC – The intoxication will become more obvious for everyone around. Person might experience difficulties in standing, walking and any motor activities. Judgment abilities will be reduced, that is why sometimes people become more risky. Typically men become more loud or aggressive to others. At this level there will be no luck with women after party.

.14 BAC – All positive feelings and happiness that person had before will most likely be replaced by feeling dizziness and sickness. Motor skills are greatly reduced so it will be hard to control the body from falling.

0.25 BAC – At this level body starts to fight alcohol with natural reflexes. Vomiting is one of the main signals of alcohol sickness.  A person will experience blackouts more frequently. There is no doubt that memory will blackout as well. Physical pain levels will be greatly reduced. Insured person will not feel pain at all.

0.35 – Anything after this point is highly dangerous to experience. It is highly suggested not to reach such levels of BAC.

DUI consequences

There are many more potential things may happen when driving under influence. The worth thing can happen is when impaired driver takes lives of innocent people on a road and ruins their families. Also, it is always good to be aware of average cost of DUI if caught by police officer. A lot of companies do background check when hiring new candidates, so a lot of doors may become closed with DUI record. As you may already know, DUI remain on personal record for at least 5 years and may not be removable. Will you be able to get your CDL with DUI on you record? Please take a look at this article to learn more.

How to use BAC calculator?

Feel free to fill out your information into the fields. As mentioned before, to determine approximate BAC levels we will need to know your  weigh, party times, and type of alcohol.


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This calculator is for general information only. The actual BAC level results may be different due to gender, metabolism, medications taken, time between drinks, etc. There are a lot more factors to include. Do not follow this calculator for legal purposes. Please do not drink and drive.