Can a person who has no vehicle have SR 22 ?

Can a person who has no vehicle have SR 22  ? SR 22 requirement can be a very complicated and confusing issue. And for people who have had one in the past and suddenly find that they do not have a car it can be even more confusing. The obvious question would be why would someone who does not have a motor vehicle need proof that they can meet financial obligations for a car accident they may never cause since they do not have a car? Let us try and untangle this mess and try to understand if one would need a SR 22 if they do not have a car.

The SR 22 requirement is in if general terms a document about you and not about the car. It is proof that you would meet any financial costs that arose if you got involved in an accident. It is also a record of sorts of your driving history. In short you are on ‘probation’. And the SR 22 is your ‘probation officer’. If you have a SR 22 requirement it means you are a driver who has had a run in with traffic laws and must carry it to prove you have insurance. So the question is why you would need it when you have no vehicle in the first place.

The simple answer to the question is, yes you might be required to have an SR 22 even when you do not have a car. This is referred to as a non-owner SR 22 requirement. This requirement can occur when in the previous past you were involved in a car incident, for instance driving under the influence, a hit and run or even over speeding in areas you should not go beyond a certain speed limit and got a SR 22 requirement. Whether or not the car you are driving is yours is of no consequence to the law. What is paramount is you have violated a law that you should have and must be treated in the same manner as are all other citizens.

That is why non-owner insurance exists. However, it is not an insurance cover, rather it is a policy. What happens is the policy will be effect to the amount paid for in case a person causes an accident using someone else’s vehicle. Secondly it only serves secondary to the actual insurance issued for the protection of the car and the occupants.  Also one cannot buy this policy to cover themselves or the occupants of their household to protect themselves on a vehicle he does not own. So in essence it will only apply in a situation in which they may find themselves having to pay for costs of an accident they may be involved in and they were the drivers. The reason a SR 22 is important is because as long as you have been required to acquire a SR-22, you must provide it, otherwise you will be in further violation of the law.

While it may not make much sense for some and is one who has no car, is not in the habit of borrowing cars and probably has not broken any laws to warrant a SR 22 requirement, the opposite rings true for someone who falls in that criteria. The best advice one can probably get is do not get reckless when you do not even have a car of your own. Mainly because you will pay for something you may never need and you will never recover that money. Be very careful when you borrow someone else’s car as you may find yourself in totally strange circumstances which you can hardly understand.

However, if this has happened, do not worry. The law is not confused therefore you cannot find a lawyer to defend you and get you out of one. If you have been ordered with a SR-22, then you need to get it. That is where we come in. We are high risk insurers and definitely have the solution, the technical ability and are willing to help you. While many insurance companies may not offer high risk insurance, this is our specialty. Fill in our forms on the website and allow us to help you.

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