If you have been convicted of a violation DUI, DWI, no insurance, failure to pay a risk drivers to operate a vehicle unless they have the insurance necessary to do so. The Department of Motor Vehicles uses the SR22 Insurance Certificate to verify that a high-risk driver possess the state mandated basic insurance coverage. When drivers need to file an SR22 form with their state they don’t think about using their motorcycle as the primary vehicle.

There are two primary benefits to having SR22 or FR44 motorcycle insurance, including lower cost and the possibility to reduce the length an SR-22/FR-44 filing might affect your insurance. Motorcycles vary widely from cruisers to high performance sport bikes and knowing which one costs less to insure will save you a boat load of money in the future. Most auto insurance companies will offer motorcycle insurance but shop around because each company has specific types of bikes that they will charge much less for including touring or cruiser styles. The type of motorcycle you ride can affect the cost of your SR22/FR44 insurance due to the value and performance features of the bike.

We know of certain companies that will still offer motorcycle insurance but at such a high premium that it doesn’t make sense to have it, so knowing your options is the best. If you need to file SR22/FR44 insurance and have a cruiser judgment, vehicular homicide, two or more reckless driving convictions in a year) you will be required to prove to the state, for three years, that the motorcycle or scooter you own is insured.

SR 22 insurance is a specialized form of insurance for drivers who have been charged with a DWI, DUI, OWI, or other reckless driving violation. These drivers must maintain an SR22 or FR44 insurance bond for a minimum of 36 months. The SR22/FR44 insurance policy was created to make it difficult for high-style motorcycle this is going to provide the most cost savings for you and your family. In order for you to get your license and full driving privileges back, you’ll need to understand just a few things. It is important that your insurance coverage and filing must be maintained continuously for three years from the date of your conviction, whether or not you own a motorcycle.  It is your responsibility to avoid a lapse in SR-22/FR-44 coverage.

Most insurance companies will ask what other vehicles you own so they can quote them as well. While it can be nice to have all of your insurance with one company it may not save you the most money in this case. If you need to file an SR22/FR44 and have a motorcycle start by getting quotes for just the motorcycle including the SR-22/FR-44 form. This will allow you to see how much it costs to insure just your motorcycle with one company and your cars with another.