We get a lot of people with SR 22 insurance requirements asking us “does SR 22 insurance cover any vehicle I drive?”

In most cases, the answer is yes… as long as your agent sets up the policy correctly. And this is where it pays to have an experienced SR 22 insurance expert as an agent – so they can structure your policy appropriately, so you don’t wind up falling through any gaps in coverage.

So let’s review:

When you have an SR 22 insurance requirement – or, in Florida or Virginia, an FR44 insurance requirement – there are three basic types of policies you need to know about:

  • SR 22 owner’s certificate  – covers you as a driver only in cars you actually own
  • SR 22 operator’s certificate. – covers you in borrowed, rented, or employers’ cars, but not cars belonging to immediate family/members of your household
  • SR 22 owner-operator’s certificate – covers you in any car you’re driving.

In most states, for your SR 22 insurance to cover you no matter what vehicle you’re driving, you need to have your agent set up your policy as an owner-operator’s certificate policy. This is the broadest type of coverage and protects you whether you’re driving your own vehicle, a borrowed or rented vehicle, or a vehicle belonging to a family member or a member of your household.

If you don’t own a car, you can also get a “non-owner” policy. This covers you if you’re driving borrowed or rented vehicles, or vehicles that belong to an employer. But a non-owner policy doesn’t cover you if you’re driving a vehicle that belongs to an immediate family member or member of your household.

You can also get an “owner’s certificate” policy. Which only covers you driving cars that you own. These policies aren’t designed to protect you if you’re driving a borrowed or rented car. It also doesn’t protect you if you’re driving your employer’s car for work.

If you already own a car and you expect to only use that car and don’t expect to borrow or rent a car, or drive a non-owned vehicle for work, an owner’s certificate policy can be a great solution, since premiums will be a little lower. You’ll get your license back and you’ll be able to drive again. But it won’t cover you if you’re driving any other vehicle besides the vehicles you own.

Tip:  Non-owner policies and owner’s certificate policies have lower premiums than standard owner-occupant policies, all other things being equal. Some agents or carriers might quote you a lowball premium hoping to attract business. This is especially true on “quote engine” sites that advertise cheap car insurance rates, but don’t have an agent with the training and experience to ask you the right questions, so you get the coverage you really need.

The danger here is you pay the cheap car insurance premium, not realizing that you also bought cheap coverage. Coverage that’s not appropriate for your situation. And you might not even realize it until the Moment of Truth arrives, you have a claim, and the insurance company denies it because you bought the wrong type of coverage.

Whether you’ve got an SR22, FR44, or another special filing requirement, or no filing requirement at all, it’s wise to have a live, professional agent in your corner who can look out for your interests and make sure you’re getting the appropriate car insurance coverage.

To get the right kind of coverage at the best possible price for the value your receive. don’t go the cheap car insurance quote site route. There’s too much at stake. You could be exposed to significant liability, fines, court costs, license suspension/revocation, and possibly the state resetting your three-year SR22 filing requirement back to day one. Which can cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Work with an experienced professional agent with an independent insurance agency that can help you shop around a dozen or more competing carriers in your state.

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Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you on the road!

Steve “Mr. Insurance” Ludwig
CEO, Select Insurance Group

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