Many people have absolutely no clue about SR 22 certificate. Is it something that has to do with car insurance? Or is it something that your car companies give as extra paperwork? Most people can tell only guesses. If you don’t know yet about such type of certificate, that means that you practice safe driving and you have an active insurance for your car. But, it won’t hurt to know more information about this, right? This basic knowledge about SR 22 will help you know it better.

What is SR-22?

SR 22 is usually known as Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR). The first thing you need to know is that SR 22 is not a car insurance. It is a certificate that verifies that you are maintaining your car insurance coverage. This form can be easily filed with help of our auto quote form.

Who will need SR-22?

SR 22 insurance in Florida is needed for someone who convicted in breaking traffic rules and can’t provide financial responsibility. An easy example for it is when you are caught on driving without insurance. There are other causes where you will need a SR 22 certificate such as when you are convicted for DUI (Driving under influence) or DWI (Driving While Impaired). You can be busted at the DUI checkpoints, or if you got into accident being under influence. So these are few examples where you will need a SR 22 certificate. It is not that expensive, usually charges are around 25 dollars just for filling out the SR 22 form.  Please remember, that such certificate can be issued only by licensed company, such as Select Insurance Group. We are registered across all over US to deliver affordable rates on a market. Please note, that an SR 22 certificate will be a determining factor on how much you have to pay for your insurance policy because your rates will likely to reflect the risk of what can happen.

How do I get SR 22 when I move to another state?

You can simply apply SR 22 on the states you are in and fulfill the requirement needed on the new state, most requirements for each state is usually the same.

How long do I have to keep the SR 22 form?

The time where you have to keep you SR 22 certificate is varying between each state. But most of them usually require the drivers to carry the SR 22 certificate for 3 years. During that time, you have to make sure that your insurance policy never lapse and well maintained. If somehow your insurance lapse or you cancel it on your own demand, then the insurance company has the right to notify the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and your license will be suspended. If you still want to drive without SR 22 certificate and license – that can turnaround into huge penalties, or even prison.

Can I avoid the SR 22 Requirement?

Yes, you can avoid having extra expenses and headache. How? All you need is to practice safety driving, avoid driving under influence, obey traffic laws, and never cause an accident on the road. Aside of that, you must have proof of insurance with you all the time, when you are driving.

I hope this information was helpful and you are having better picture on what is SR 22 certificate. If you still having questions – don’t hesitate to call us. Our certified agents will help you to get back on a road.