How do I get a 1650 waiver packet in California

How do I get a 1650 waiver packet in California? Need to file a SR22 in California, but live in a different state? If you received a DUI in California, your home state license will be suspended. Did you receive -state DUI program? Or if your received a DUI in California while a resident, then moved to another state and try to get a new state license? Did you get denied a license because of your California requirements on your license?

How do I satisfy my SR22 in California if I live in another state?

The answer is simple. Request a “1650 waiver packet” from the California DMV Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento, California. Just call (916) 657-6525. They will then mail you this packet to you at an out of state address. You will also have to provide proof of out of state residence with a utility bill or some other form of proof. This will waive the mandatory alcohol program requirement, but you will still have to obtain an sr22 insurance for California.

You can purchase a California non-owners SR22 policy with minimum coverage to show proof of insurance will be sufficient.

You can only file a 1650 waiver once in a life time.

If you plan on moving back to California, you will not be able to obtain a CA license until you complete all required alcohol programs within a three year period. If you need a non owners policy with an free sr22 to comply with California DMV requirements, call Select Insurance Group. We will e-file your SR22 direct to the DMV at no cost to you. You can have confirmation in just a few minutes. Just give a call: (855) 438-7353.