The SR22 Bond provides $25,000 bodily injury for any 1 person injured / $50,000 bodily injury per accident when 2 or more people are injured, and $25,000 in property damage liability coverage in the event you are at fault in an accident.  It covers you as a driver. An SR22 bond does not cover the car you are driving or the car you own.  An SR22 bond will not provide medical coverage for you or anyone else in the vehicle you are driving at the time of the accident.  All damages beyond the $75,000 limit (state minimum of liability) are your responsibility.

How soon can I get my SR22 Filed?

With our state of the art systems we can not only offer you the cheapest possible cost of SR 22 insurance, but what we call our Instant SR22 Bond,  SR 22 Insurance Bond in less than 5 minutes!

Why is this something to take seriously?

If you get pulled over without proof of insurance, you’re screwed.  The length of the first suspension will be 90 days with a $150 fine.  For a second offense it’s a year suspension with a $300 fine.  For a third offense it’s a two year suspension with a $650 fine. Also, even if you don’t get pulled over, Ohio law requires the BMV to randomly check 5% of all vehicle owners to make sure they meet the minimum financial responsibility requirements.  If you ignore this notice, they will suspend your driver’s license and impound your certificate of registration and license plates.

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