Are you curious about How to find your Florida FR44 and SR22 Case Number? Simply by knowing your Florida Driver’s license number and by using this website: , you can easily find and obtain your Florida SR22 or FR44 Case number.

Your case number becomes very important for a few different reasons: Applying for reinstatement of your license: When you apply for the reinstatement of your license in Florida, you will need your case number to properly re-activate your license. Without this case number, you will find lengthy delays and “runarounds”. Payment mode for your insurance: If your case number starts with a “2” or a “4”, this symbolizes the need for a 6 month paid in full policy. \

Not having this information can cause unexpected variations in your premium and remember, your policy cannot be canceled in the first 30 days in Florida; so you might be stuck paying that un-expected premium. In Florida, generally speaking, FR44 policies require a paid in full for 6 months anyways. However, the Florida SR22 plans still allow for payment plans.

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