To get your driver’s license back after a DUI, DWII,  having certain suspensions or revocations, or to prevent your license from being suspended, you may be required to file and SR22.  This is a rider to an insurance policy in which the insurance company guarantees you will keep insurance in effect for a certain period of time. When you purchase liability insurance, the insurance agent can provide the SR22 form. 

When the liability insurance with the SR22 rider is purchased, the form is filed with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles.  You may deliver the form in person at 1881 Pierce Street in Lakewood, Colorado. The form itself is not an insurance policy.  It is a guarantee by the insurance company that you will keep insurance in effect for a certain period of time.  If you don’t keep the SR22 current, the insurance company will notify the Motor Vehicle Division that the SR22 is no longer in effect but is still required. 

You driver’s license will be suspended for that reason alone. If you decide to change insurance companies, you must get a new SR22 filed before the old one goes out of effect. For more information on Colorado SR22 Insurance or how to get your drivers license back in Colorado after a DUI, please call one of Select Insurance Group’s licensed agents at (855) 438-7353 or CLICK HERE for a free, no obligation quote.