An SR 50 is a filing that states that a driver has the state minimum required Liability Auto Insurance. This is proof for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and only is available for Indiana. The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles itself defines the SR-50 as a form  that is use to provide proof or insurance to the Bureau. This form shows  the Indiana BMV both the beginning and end dates of the current  person’s current car insurance policy. In Indiana, this type of coverage  is referred to as the SR 50.

The SR 50 may be required for various reasons, but most commonly is because a person was found without insurance. Indiana has a law that requires individuals to have the financial means to cover an accident and most people have insurance to fulfill that requirement. The individual must have proof of insurance to show the Indiana BMV for any violation, accident, or conviction. The Indiana BMV sends a “Certificate of Compliance” to a driver that has been caught under a violation.

The drivers insurance agent or insurance company has 40 days to send back the form filled out to avoid a mandatory drivers license suspension. If the driver is uninsured that may be subject to a one year suspension of their drivers license, owe a reinstatement fee, the SR-50  form, will be required to have an Affidavit of Current Insurance, filled out and returned to the BMV by their insurance agency.

How Long Will I Have to Carry Indiana SR22/SR50 Insurance? 

Usually three years is how long Indiana SR50 driver’s are required to keep SR22/SR50 liability insurance.

What Offenses Warrant a Requirement for SR50/SR22 Insurance?

  • Refusal to take a breath or blood test
  • DUI or DWI offense
  • Child support or neglect cases
  • Legal judgments
  • Operating an uninsured vehicle / uninsured accidents
  • Multiple driving offenses / excessive points on a driver’s record