Michigan SR 22 insurance is expensive – not least because Michigan car insurance is expensive to begin with. Even without being a high risk SR 22 insurance driver.

As of 2022, Michigan has the 2nd highest average auto insurance rates in the nation, with premiums amounting to $2,639 per year. That’s a whopping 70% higher average premium than in the rest of the country, according to research from The Zebra.

If you’ve been convicted of a traffic violation that results in an SR 22 insurance requirement or license suspension, you can expect to pay even more than that.

But if you work with an independent car insurance agent who can write business for many different competing car insurance carriers, as opposed to a “captive” agent who can only sell you a policy from a single company, you can limit the damage.

Shopping around for car insurance after you experience a major change in status is always important. But it’s especially important in Michigan! Because the generally high rates in Michigan mean there’s a lot of money at stake.

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What is Michigan SR22 Insurance?

SR22 isn’t insurance at all. Rather, it’s a form your car insurance company files with the state, verifying that you have car insurance in place. It also affirms that if the insurance lapses, they’ll inform the state – at which time the state will suspend your driver’s license until you get your insurance reinstated, along with a new SR 22 form.

Michigan may require you to get your insurance company to file an SR22 on you if you’ve been convicted of a serious driving offense. They may also impose an SR22 requirement for failure to pay child support.

In most cases, an SR22 requirement lasts from 3 to 5 years in Michigan. However, if you have another traffic conviction, that clock usually resets.

Not all Michigan insurance companies will file an SR22. Some companies just don’t want high-risk drivers on their books. But lots of carriers still compete for higher-risk drivers, such as those with SR22 requirements in force.

Warning: You must renew your car insurance policy not later than 15 days before its scheduled expiration, or the carrier will provide a notice of cancellation to the State of Michigan. That will trigger an automatic license suspension until you get an insurance company to file another SR22 on your behalf.

Additionally, if your SR 22 insurance lapses or gets cancelled, the state may restart the “clock” again, and you’ll need to carry the insurance for another three years.

How to get Michigan SR22 Insurance

The best way to get Michigan SR 22 insurance is to contact an independent car insurance broker directly. That way, you can get quotes from as many as 10-12 quality car insurance companies with a single phone call or quote request over the Web.

Don’t go through a generic “quote site.” They can have good information on their blogs. But as soon as you give them your information and request a “quote” they sell you information to multiple car insurance companies and brokers. And they’ll ring your phone off the hook!

When you go direct to an independent broker, such as Select Insurance Group (that’s us!), you still get all the best quotes and rates, but your private, personal contact information and financial information is kept confidential.

The Number One Mistake Michigan SR22 Insurance Drivers Make

The number one mistake high-risk drivers make, including SR 22 insurance drivers, is failing to shop around!

They go back to the same general carrier or agent that sold their parent’s home insurance, or their buddy in the office at the strip mall, or anonymous voice at a giant call center, and just accept whatever price increase they’re told. Without looking at alternatives or doing investigation.

But many of these agents are captive salespeople, who are not allowed to help you shop around for the best SR 22 insurance available if they wanted to.

They work for their captive insurance carrier. Not you.

When you come to an independent car insurance broker, who can write business for ten or twelve different carriers doing business in Michigan, you have a much better chance at getting a great deal on you SR22 car insurance.

Insurance carriers knows their captive agents can’t show their clients any competing policies. And so they have little incentive to quote a competitive price!

This is less of an issue with lower-risk drivers. But because pricing in the higher-risk market varies so wildly, it’s a huge problem for our SR 22 insurance customers, people with DUIs, moving violations,  bad credit, and other factors perceived as high risk.

Your neighborhood captive agent may be a swell guy and a great golf buddy. But he’s not going to be able to shop your policy to dozens of competitive carriers to get the best quote. And that factor can cost you a thousand dollars per year and more.

Especially in Michigan!

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