Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance

Penalties for an Accident While Driving Without Insurance – When personal budgets get tight, you may be looking at every line item for an opportunity to cut corners, scale back or save money. While it may seem that the perceived high premiums for your auto insurance is a safe budget item to scratch to save a few dollars, in the end this could be one of the costliest mistakes that you could make.

A Risky Proposition

You are gambling not only with your personal but also financial safety every time you climb behind the wheel and operate your vehicle without insurance. The risks are greater than just how safe and experienced you are as a driver. There are a number of outside influences that are beyond your control which can be at play. Slippery road conditions, poor visibility, road construction, and also the actions of other drivers and pedestrians that share the roadways can factor in to your ability to get to and from your destination safely and without incident.

You’re on the Hook

The purpose of insurance is to protect the buyer when the unexpected happens. Damage to your vehicle caused by vandalism, weather conditions, or in the case of an accident. However, without insurance coverage, you can expect to be out of pocket for all of those expenses, with nobody giving you financial support.

If you cause an accident while driving without insurance – damages to your vehicle are not covered. Also, you’ll be responsible for your own medical care if needed. In this instance, the costs to repair your vehicle and make it road worthy again may quickly pale in comparison to the medical costs which can pile up quickly without the appropriate insurance coverage.

It Gets Worse

Driving without insurance, probably the best case scenario is that you are involved in a single vehicle accident which causes only minor damage to your own vehicle. However, if you have been involved in a collision with another vehicle or property, your problems have only just begun. Now, as the driver at fault in the accident, you are liable for the damages to the other person’s property as well as any injuries that you may have caused. You can be personally sued for damages. In the event that you can’t afford any settlement which is rendered, your personal assets may be seized to address the debt. Suddenly, the cost of insurance as part of your monthly budget doesn’t seem to be that cumbersome, does it?

After the Accident

Once you get past the initial consequences at the accident scene and any damages or injuries that have occurred, there are still the laws of your State which will require satisfaction. While penalties vary from State to State, some of the most common punishments for driving without proper insurance include:

  • A suspension of one’s driver’s license
  • Your vehicle may be impounded
  • Fines and citations as dictated by local laws and statutes.

The financial and legal impacts are just a part of the price you can expect to pay. There may also be damages to your reputation, implications on your employment, and the guilt that you may experience if you have permanently injured or killed someone while behind the wheel. Public sentiment can be cruel when factors such as driving without insurance become part of the public discussion.

Should You Find Yourself in an Accident

Commonly, after an accident has occurred, once the responsible party has been identified the requirement for SR 22 insurance for high risk drivers may be imposed. You may still be permitted to drive but the parameters of your insurance needs might change. While you may feel that the premiums for this coverage are high, in the event of an accident, you’ll be glad that you have it. Auto insurance is important to minimize one’s personal liability and ensure preservation of their well-being. This is peace of mind that insurance provides. If you have been involved in an accident without insurance, talk to us about establishing a suitable level of coverage moving forward that will keep you covered as well as satisfy your legal obligations. We are here to help.