Penalties for DUI or DWI in Tennessee

Penalties for DUI or DWI in Tennessee – If you drive under the influence in Tennessee, not only do you risk losing your life, but you’ll also lose your driving privileges, spend time in jail and have to enroll in an alcohol education program. Not to mention the major amounts of money (fines, court costs, bail, vehicle storage and towing fees, attorney fees, the cost of the Ignition Interlock Program, license reinstatement fees, and higher insurance costs) that will come out of your pocket. Tennessee provides a complete outline of DUI penalties according to the offense both online and in their brochure “The Cost of Drinking and Driving.” Areas covered include:

  • Implied consent
  • First-time offenders
  • Second-time offenders
  • Third-time offenders
  • Fourth-time (or more) offenders
  • Child endangerment
  • Vehicular assault
  • Vehicular homicide
  • Aggravated vehicular homicide

Want a quick idea of just how stringent Tennessee’s DUI penalties are? A first offense carries a one-year license revocation, anywhere from 24 hours to 11 months and 29 days in jail, and fines up to $1,500. And if you’re a teen who has consumed or sold alcohol, or you have it in your possession? You’ll get your license suspended for one year or until you turn 17, whichever is longer. More information can also be found at the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug, and other Addiction Services (TAADAS) website.

Restricted Licenses

Upon a judge’s order, it’s possible to obtain a restricted license if you have no previous DUI offenses or license suspensions or revocations on your driving record, as long as you can show proof of having liability insurance at the time of the violation. In addition, you’ll have to file an SR-22 form, take each driver license exam again, and pay a $67 fee.