How to Save on Car Insurance? – Clear Your Record

How to Save on Car Insurance? – Clear Your Record  – Car Insurance is something that every driver must be responsible for. Select Group Insurance prides itself in offering cheap insurance for high risk drivers. While taking affordable policy will be a cost saving for drivers, clearing your driving record will provide even greater savings. There are steps that every driver should consider that will help clear their driving record.

The Impact of a Conviction on Your Insurance Rates

Once a ticket has been issued and a judgment made, the violation will stay on the driver’s record for years. The actual length will vary based on the infringement; and the state in which the infringement took place. The longer a ticket remains on your record, the more concern insurance company will have regarding your driving capability. As a result, you will be faced with increased costs for a longer period.

In general, tickets related to collisions and moving violations will remain on your record for three to five years. More serious violations such as DUIs will remain for a much longer time, and affect your insurance rates during entire life. For example, a DUI conviction in some states will remain on your record for five years, while in other states it may remain on your record for ten or for entire life. In Florida, a DUI will remain on your record for 75 years. If you are convicted of DUI in Florida at the age of 20, it will still be on your record when you are 90!

Contesting a Ticket

When most drivers are pulled over by a police officer, they accept the fact that the police have caught them doing something wrong. They don’t contest the ticket. In fact, the National Motorists Association has estimated that of all tickets issued; only about one in every twenty is contested. 

While some drivers may question the benefits of choosing to contest a ticket, a good lawyer will help identify mitigating factors that may result in a lenient outcome in court. There are a range of factors that the court may consider when making judgment. These may be as simple as demonstrating that the vehicle’s speedometer was reading a lower speed than the actual speed; or the driver needing to speed to hospital because of a medical emergency. 

Minimizing the Consequence of a Ticket

Some states have approved driving courses. While it will depend on the state and on the type of ticket being issued, drivers may be able to get tickets dismissed, or have a reduced offense applied to their record if they complete an approved driving course. There are limits to the type of offense this will apply to. It will not apply to criminal offenses such as DUI; but may be an option for lesser offences such as failing to stop; failing to yield, or moderate speeding.

Some tickets have causes that can easily be fixed. Fixing the cause can also help keep the ticket from appearing from a driver’s record. For example, in some states if you are ticketed for minor offences such as driving without a license, or a broken tail light, setting these matters right within a very short timeframe may avoid a ticket appearing on your record.

Expunging records is an option in some states. While penalty points have a pre-determined period of validity, it may be possible to request that the violation is expunged from a driver’s record. For example, Alabama passed laws in 2014 allowing for expunging of minor traffic violations in some circumstances after a period of two years, as long as no further offense had been committed.

Effects of Different Violations on Insurance Rates

Some infringements may be identified by the company as having no effect on whether someone is a good driver. For example, parking violations are unlikely to affect car insurance premiums (presuming they are paid on time). The manner in which insurers deal to first-time offenders also varies. Drivers will a long history of traffic offenses may have their first citation forgiven.

Remember, Select Insurance Group has a focus of providing cheap SR22 insurance for high risk drivers. Once everything has been done to minimize the impact of a traffic infringement, it will be worthwhile getting a quote from Select Insurance Group to reduce insurance costs.

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