What is an FR-19?  An FR-19 is similar to more popular “SR-22” and is specific to Delaware and Maryland.  This form is required of drivers who have been convicted of a serious violation, involvement in a serious accident without insurance coverage, or failure to satisfy a judgment as a result of an accident. The issuance of this form is a guarantee to the state that we, as the insurer, will notify the state in the event that this policy cancels or is non renewed for any reason. An SR 22 or FR-19 is usually in effect for 3 years.

When you register or renew a vehicle registration, you must sign an insurance certification. Your signature acknowledges that the minimum vehicle liability insurance will be maintained throughout the registration periods and the vehicle will not be driven without insurance.

  • It can only be issued by an insurance company licensed to do business in Maryland or an authorized agent of such a company.
  • It’s only valid for 30 days.
  • It’s free of charge from your insurance company or authorized agent and should be mailed or brought to an MVA full-service office along with the request form from the MVA.
  • It can be faxed or submitted electronically to the MVA by your insurance company or authorized agent.
  • Photocopies are not accepted.

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