Do you need to get a North Carolina DL123 form? We offer same day forms. Just complete our online quote and you can get your DL123 form today.  NC law requires you to show that you have liability insurance. This form can be provided for non owners policies and regular policies. Below is information from the NC DMV website: The N.C. General Assembly has enacted legislation to require some (but not all) driver license applicants in North Carolina to submit proof of automobile liability insurance coverage in order to obtain a North Carolina driver’s license.

Proof of liability insurance coverage applies to those: Applying for an original license, including transfers from out-of-state; Whose licenses are being restored after revocation or suspension; or Awarded a “Limited Driving Privilege” by the court.  Certification of liability insurance coverage must be submitted on DMV Form DL-123, or an original liability insurance policy, binder or an insurance card and must come from an insurance company licensed to do business in North Carolina: These documents must show: Applicant’s name; Effective date of policy; Expiration date; and Date the policy was issued Form DL-123, binders and certificates are valid only for 30 days from the date of issuance.

This does not apply to applicants who do not own currently registered motor vehicles and who do not operate non-fleet private passenger motor vehicles that are owned by other persons. In such cases it is required that a certification of exemption (DL-123A) be signed at the driver license office. The exemption restricts the driver to the operation of “Fleet Vehicles Only”. To remove the restriction the driver must pay a $10.00 fee and submit DMV Form DL-123.