What is required to have SR22 ?

What is required to have SR22 ? caught on violating traffic laws? If you are one of those people who have already been found guilty of traffic offenses and have been required to acquire a SR-22, make sure you do. This is because your next violation will have even more dire consequences. In the first place you do not get a SR-22 requirement for being a safe driver. It is because you have proven that you pose a risk to other motorists, property and the public at large with your driving skills.  What do you risk, when you are found violating the law once more?

Driving license revocation

This is an almost sure thing to happen. Unless you can give proper and believable reasons for not carrying your SR-22, you may permanently lose your driving privileges. The reason behind this is because you are basically pushing the envelope too far. You have already been proven in the past that you cannot be trusted on the roads. We shall treat the SR-22 as  probation tool for this demonstration. If you go on and break your probation terms it automatically means the privileges you had been allowed during the probation period should be taken away. Therefore any privileges you had gotten through your SR-22 can be taken away. Including; the lifted suspension. Depending on the gravity of the violation, your license can be permanently revoked. Meaning, unless you move to another continent you may never drive on American roads. Keep your SR-22 safe and in readiness in-case you need it.

Jail time

A foolish move is to drive around, commit a traffic offense when you very well know you have a SR-22 requirement, and worse still not have it when asked to produce it. If when you are asked to produce the document you have caused a serious accident, you may have your day in court and the results may not be favorable to you or your family. If there was a fatality, chances of you being jailed are much higher than they were before you had the SR-22. You see, while the document is prove that you can financially meet expenses incurred after an accident, it does not ‘jail-proof’ you. If anything, having a SR-22 requirement serves as an alarm bell to those who interact with you in the future in reference to traffic violations. It is a warning that you have been in previous incidents which did not paint you in good light. Therefore, leniency will not be considered for you.

Another requirement

The reason you need to keep your SR-22 safely, is you will need to end your relationship with it at some point- unless you like paying insurance premiums that are up to 200% their initial costs. Sr-22 requirements do not last forever, but every violation afterwards may add time on your already existing one. And the court may deem it fit to require a fresh SR-22 if it finds that you have ‘conveniently’ misplaced the first one. Also remember the court can treat this as contempt of court.  Not forgetting your behavior may discourage even your insurers and they can opt to cut ties with you. If this happens you know you really have gone too far.

There may be other consequences following your violation. But the three stated above are among the most common and dire results of your choice not to keep your SR-22 requirement with you at all times. We understand that not everyone wants to break the law but sometimes it happens. That is the reason we have taken it upon ourselves to be the people to assist you through this process. If you have been faced with a SR-22 requirement, do not panic. Instead, visit our quote page. Once submitted, you will realize that mistakes can be sorted out without much suffering. We will guide you on what you need, when you need it and how long it will take for you to get your SR-22. Our forms are easy to fill and we shall avail our services to you as and when you need them. We are experts in this field: Trust us.

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