What is the process of getting a SR-22?

What is the process of getting a SR-22? If you are reading this, you have probably been ordered by the court to get a SR-22. You probably have never heard of it (most people only hear about it when they violate traffic rules). Your license may have been suspended and you need to have it reinstated.  Probably the court or Department of Motor Vehicles has other reason to require this document and it is in your best interests to get one. So the question is what is the process of getting a SR 22 requirement?

First things first

The moment you get into an accident, it is your obligation to inform your insurance company; whether or not you have been required to provide a SR 22 notwithstanding. Now as it turns out, you may have been ordered by court to acquire a SR-22. What you will do is inform the insurance company the moment this order is given. Your insurance company will be required to draw up the SR-22, so unless in special circumstances, you cannot approach another insurer for a SR 22 while you have an about cover with another.  Inquire from your insurer if they offer SR22/FR44/SR50/SR22A. This is important because not all of them do and if yours doesn’t offer these services, you may be allowed to get it from a company that offers these services.


Ensure that your insurance cover is in order and if it has expired renew it. This is the only way you can get the SR 22 insurance in Florida. One cannot get a SR 22 if they have no insurance.  If this is in order, then it is time for your insurer to draw up the SR-22.  The certificate will be issued once your payment for the document has been done. Note; the process can take up to a month to get fully processed. While it is in process, you must abstain completely from driving. This is because unless you produce it, your driving privileges will not be reinstated.   It will cost you between $15 and $25, but has sometimes been known to go up to $45 depending on the insurance company and other factors that unique to each case.

What are the basic details the SR 22 may have?

A SR 22 is a document that seeks to inform any interested parties of a person’s ability to pay for costs incurred in case they are in an accident. It will therefore have details as the persons legal names, the states they are from (this helps when a person moves states), the validity of his insurance and the type of cover that person has, the expiry date of the said cover. Other details may include the reference number, the names and contacts of the company the person has insured his car with among others.

Once the SR 22 has been drawn up and is ready, it is up to the insurance company to file it with the secretary of state in the state the person is in. The DMV must also be informed of the compliance and once this is verified, they then are able to lift the persons driving privileges suspension. During the tenure of the SR-22, should the insurance lapse without the person renewing it before the lapses, then they have to start all over again. It is therefore paramount that person ensures that auto insurance is up to date at all times. There is no need to risk adding time to your SR 22 as it is already a financial burden. Prolonging the time you have it is detrimental to you financially.  Remember it is the insurance company’s obligation to inform the DMV of such a lapse in your insurance policy.

Many companies may not offer you SR22/FR44/SR50/SR22A, but that is essentially what our core business is. You do not want to deal with people who are not experts in this field as you will find that you dig deeper and deeper into your pockets just to pay for the SR 22 process. If you have been given an SR 22 requirement, we are the people to consult with. Our SR22 quote form is on our website, that will assist you to interact with us and give us a chance to prove to you that our services are indeed worth it and have lightened the burden for you. Talk to us.

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