If you have tried to get FR-44 Insurance in the state of Florida and have been denied or the coverage is just too expensive to handle, even a non-owner/named operator policy, then we have a simple solution for you…


…Not only is a scooter cheap to buy(most of the time 400-600$ for a used one), which is far cheaper than paying over 700$ a month but this will satisfy your Florida FR-44 insurance requirements and you can ride, even if you are suspended.  Your requirements for Florida will be met at a small  cost, usually less than 500$ for 6 months.

Get into the C-Class:

A scooter is in a completely separate category – A different tier than a normal car insurance or non-owner policy- Similar policies would be a Segway or ATV.  This may not be a very attractive option for many people, however, it may beat walking. A person who is suspended for a DUI can usually get a “Class C driver’s license which will permit them to operate a “motorized bicycle”, also known as a moped or scooter.  A motorized bicycle is defined as a device with 2 or 3 wheels which has a motor which produces not more that 3.5 brake horsepower, has a cylinder capacity of 130 cc or less, and is capable of a maximum design speed of not more than 30 miles per hour.  

This license is available to those who have been suspended for a conviction or administrative suspension for DUI. It is not available to persons revoked as a habitual violator.

So, there is this alternative to not driving a car or breaking the law by driving while suspended. At least you can get to and from the grocery store, even if you have to keep your helmet on in the store so no one recognizes you. So, if this is your situation, where you have been denied coverage for whatever reason or simply cannot afford to pay the Florida FR-44 Insurance rates, get a scooter and let us help you insure it!   CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST FLORIDA FR-44 INSURANCE RATES.