DUI or Driving Under Influence which is also known as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) or OUI (Operating Under Influence) in some States is one of the most frequent traffic violations. It is at the same time one of the most dangerous offence. Aside from the high fines or tough punishments, which sometimes include additional costly duties, it is a threat to drivers’ or other people’s health and life.

Despite dangers and other issues associated with DUI violations, drunk driving is still quite frequent. As statistics demonstrate the number of offences and number of accidents caused by it do not change radically over time. On the one hand it’s related to ever growing number of drivers and the changing regulations as well.

It might be interesting what the picture is for different States on DUI offence rate. In 2013 a Federal Bureau of Investigation has stated that over 1,150 million offences are related to driving under the influence.

Where Most DUI Offences Occur?

According to available data the States where most DUI violations are recorded are North Dakota (with the highest number), South Dakota, Colorado, Arizona and Kentucky. These States have more rural areas, which could be indicative that certain innovative services that help avoid driving while intoxicated are not efficient or even available.

The next group of States with rather high DUI offence rate includes California, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

Where the Least DUI offences have been recorded?

Alabama, Delaware, Illinois and Hawaii are States with lowest amount of DUI cases. Several other states have also recorded below average rate of intoxication-related violations. Overall, the national average rate divides states into two almost equal groups.

Cities with Different DUI record

Different cities were characterized with specific trends. For instance in the case of Chicago the DUI arrests took place in most densely populated areas, not the places with heaviest traffic. San Francisco has demonstrated rather high number of offences where other drugs, except of Alcohol that was the cause of intoxication. Boston turns out to have extremely low rate of DUI related arrest, with less than one thousand during a three year period, this number states that DUI offences are almost nonexistent. Such rate has been suggested to be caused by the character of the city itself which is more pedestrian motivating, but some also have stated that the main cause is that the authorities are reluctant to use hard efforts and the laws are also rather soft. This argument has been supported by some activists as well by demonstrating the data from Washington which is also more walking oriented city but has almost 6 times more DUI offences recorded. City of Seattle turned out to have rather high rate of DUI related arrests in the studies. It has to be mentioned that Washington State has limited DUI checkpoints; however the arrests are still rather high demonstrating the effort from the authorities to focus on this kind of traffic violations in a tougher manner.

What Are the Places Where DUIs are Caught?

According to studies, the place where police records most violations can also be determined. There are multiple variables determining such place, but they can be generalized under certain group, especially when we are talking about the cities – the load of traffic and the police presence are two main factors of course. Other factors include locations of bars and the distance between bar strips and residential areas. The lower number of DUI offences have been recorded at places where DUI checkpoints had been deemed unconstitutional by the relevant State Courts.

Apart from the places where DUIs are recorded, it also interesting to look at the timing of the Influence related offences. As suggested by the official statistical data, most traffic violations in this regard take place during the night from 9 in the evening till 6 in the morning. 69% of crashes that involved single vehicle demonstrated the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of at least 0.10%. The fatal vehicle crashes during weekdays showed 30% to have been related to alcohol, while during the weekend this number is 53%. Holiday period, especially summertime demonstrates most youth being involved in the accidents that were linked to DUI.

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