How Does a DUI record Affect Your Auto Insurance?

How Does a DUI record Affect Your Auto Insurance? Receiving a DUI will have different and long lasting negative effects on the life and auto insurance policy for individuals who break the law. DUI legislation and defense are major cost factors in this country, because death and accidents caused by drunk drivers have so many lasting and often far reaching consequences. Consequences of such incidents are often thrust upon citizens, who have done nothing other than be unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The person receiving the DUI will invariably need to have legal representation to insure that he or she receives the full benefit of the law. Pleading guilty to the charge will not eliminate the need for legal representation.

There can be many different variables to any DUI, along with a wide range of charges and variations of charges which might affect all parties involved. This will require detailed preparation that only a legal representative will be able to provide.

With the Insurance Company

The insurance company will invariably increase the cost of the policy following a DUI. They will look at the situation in terms of the person involved being a greater liability to them and this will result in the minimum of an increase in coverage in a best case scenario. The worst case is that they will drop the client completely from coverage.

Any other company that accepts the client will subsequently hold the incident against them. That client is also guaranteed to be turned down from future coverage by other companies.

High risk driving SR22/FR44/SR50/SR22A insurance coverage will be required for the client depending on the state in which the incident occurred. Most states will require extra proof of insurance.

The main purpose of the legal requirement to obtain this coverage is so that any loss or damage caused by the convicted driver in the future will be covered under the terms of a liability policy.


The client will now have to go through a process which will definitely have negative financial repercussions. Regardless of whether he or she feels that they are able to afford it they will have to go through the process. Along with having to pay court costs, fines and litigation an attorney will be necessary to assist with navigation through the labyrinth of legal issues.

Other possible costs that a DUI conviction will probably incur include; towing fees, bail, lawyer fees, citations, court costs, personal liability, and the cost of the attendance of mandatory DUI programs. These costs will vary according to state but $10,000 or more is a pretty estimate of costs incurred before the ordeal ends. In addition the client won’t receive any safe driver benefits from their insurance company for a while. He or she will almost certainly lose the benefit of any of those bonuses that were enjoyed before the accident.


Each state has different interpretations and different laws on the books so competent representation is needed. One trend that has occurred over the years is that states have progressively tightened laws associated with driving under the influence. Much of this is the direct result of lobbying by civic organizations. States have also attempted to become more uniform in their upholding and enforcement of drunk driving standards.

Lasting Effects

A DUI will normally be a matter of record for the insurance agency from three to seven years so the client will certainly have to pay a higher insurance premium for at least this amount of time. It will remain on their criminal record indefinitely although they may be able to take steps to have it expunged after it drops off of their driving record. Both of these factors will vary according to state.

Medical Considerations

The term DUI does not apply to driving under the influence of alcohol alone. It can also refer to the use of illegal and prescription drugs or any combination of any of these substances. Exercise extreme caution if you are on any prescription medications as well as with any alcoholic beverages that are consumed. A small amount of alcohol mixed with a prescription drug may indeed seem harmless but the truth of the matter is that it could be a dangerous combination.