One thing that’s good about being a high risk driver, in fact, the only thing that’s good about being a high risk driver is that it’s temporary and won’t last forever. That is, if you remain on your best behavior when getting behind the wheel.

If you know the length of time in which you will hold the label of high risk driver, you’ll know what type of insurance to sign up for. If you’re wondering how long you’ll be considered a high risk driver, the specific answer is that we’ll have to take a look at what caused you to be given that label in the first place.

If You Had No Insurance for a Long Period of Time or No Insurance at All Ever

Those who have had a lengthy lapse between being covered by auto-insurance or those who have never had insurance (e.g. first time drivers), will be considered a high-risk driver for up to six months. It is very important, during this time, to always practice safe driving habits, or else the high-risk driver label could extend to a longer period of time.

Please note: After you have signed up for a policy, it is important to stick with that policy for six months. If you switch in the midst of the six month time period, you will square the high risk label back to the beginning of the six month time period, essentially lengthening the period of time you are labeled high risk.

If You Were Issued a High Volume of Tickets in a Short Period of Time

Traffic violations will, on average, only stay on your driving record, and, consequently, increase your insurance premiums, for up to three years. Those who have multiple violations that have caused them to be labeled high risk, will have to wait until their oldest violation is removed from their driving history to be considered for a lower insurance rate. On top of that, the high risk driver will have to wait until their new insurance policy is renewed.

It is always wise to communicate with your insurance agent regarding your violation dates so that you’re able to switch carriers right after you violation is removed from your driving history.

Also, keep in mind, each insurance company could be different. There are insurance companies that will consider a 2 year time period sufficient enough for discounted insurance rates. Most insurance companies, however, go with 3 years.

If Your Violation Was Severe

Severe violations, like a DUI or DWI, can affect your insurance rates at a maximum of five years, depending on the insurance carrier. Shopping around can find an insurance carriers that will shrink the years, but, in most cases, 5 years will have to pass before your insurance rates will decrease.

It is always wise to being shopping for insurance carriers that won’t add a surcharge for severe violations after 3 years have passed. After five years have passed, shop around, again, to make sure you’re getting the most inexpensive car insurance.

Make no mistake, it is challenging while being labeled a high risk driver. Especially with the financial responsibility required during this time. Keep in mind that it is important to always maintain a continuous insurance policy. Any lapse in coverage could affect your rates. Maintain safe driving behavior and always keep your insurance up to date and paid.

Remember, this is all temporary. The key here is to realize your mistake and make healthy driving decisions that will not only protect your driving record, but also protect the people that share the road with you. Make sure you never make the same mistakes again as, you will see, being a high risk driver, above all, is expensive. As long as you maintain healthy driving habits, and maintain auto insurance, you will eventually be restored to the coveted label of low-risk driver and won’t have to pay so much for insurance.

Also remember, the moment you are charged as a high risk driver, is the moment you should start tracking when you’ll be able to returned to the life of low-risk driving. As mentioned before, this will take a varied length of time and, ultimately, depends on what you did to get you there.

These many inconveniences and challenges that coincide with being labeled a high risk driver are reasons enough to maintain safe driving habits. This will limit the chance of someone around you becoming injured, or worse, being killed, from a car accident that is your fault. This will also help you enjoy spending your money in other areas of life after not paying such high premiums.

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