How much do car insurance premiums go up after a DUI in Colorado?

According to a study by Forbes, Colorado residents can expect car insurance premiums to go up by an average of 45% after their first DUI in Colorado.

But some carriers will jack up your insurance premiums more than others. Every insurance carrier assesses the risk differently. Your age, credit history, safe driving record, occupation, and marital status also will affect your insurance premium. Some carriers will drop you outright after they learn of your first DUI conviction, forcing you to line up other car insurance.

Your premiums will almost certainly go up. And they’ll remain higher for at least three years, or as long as you have an SR22 filing on your insurance.

Some carriers will jack up rates super high, or not offer you a policy at all, because they just don’t want high or nonstandard risk drivers on their books.

It’s not personal. It’s just business. Everyone has a different risk tolerance.

But you can limit the financial damage by shopping around.

The best move is to shop every carrier in the state as soon as you have to file an SR22. Then shop around again if you plead guilty, are convicted at trial, or are acquitted of your DUI in Colorado and no longer have an SR22 requirement.

Other companies want your business and will compete aggressively for it.

We specialize in serving high-risk and nonstandard risk drivers. Drivers with imperfect records.

If you’ve made a mistake, if you have a Colorado SR 22 insurance requirement, if you have one or two reckless driving, DUI, or other marks on your driving record (or even more!) our agency is built for customers like you.

Unlike many “captive” brand name insurance company sales people who can only quote you rates from a single company, we are appointed with many different excellent Colorado car insurance companies that all want to compete for your business.

So if your current carrier wants to double your rates or worse, you don’t have to take it! Keep them honest! One click or phone call can get you quotes from multiple different excellent car insurance companies.

And we don’t sell your data to anyone else. When you contact us, you’ll be working with a single agent. You won’t get inundated with a dozen phone calls and emails like on the generic Internet quote sites.

Get the best car insurance rate possible, and the best protection you can afford! Click here and fill out a brief online form, and we’ll get right back to you.

Or if you prefer, call us directly at (855) 438-7353  and ask to speak with an agent!

See you on the road!

Steve “Mr. Insurance” Ludwig
CEO, Select Insurance Group


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